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Project Description
Open source Caller ID screenpop/CTI for TAPI enabled phone systems. Simply install the TAPI software on your computer then configure this to connect to Dynamics

Inspired by and based on the Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011 project, the TAPI Connector for Dynamics CRM 2011 is designed to be simple and secure for business deployment. No Dynamics or server configuration is required.
This project makes use of Mark Julmar's wonderful ATAPI Wrapper to provide the TAPI functionality, and uses the connection engine from Connection Controls for Dynamics CRM 2011 to connect to Dynamics.


Project Status
This project is still in early development, but I hope to have an initial release ready by the early January 2013.

Head over to the documentation tab for more juicy details

Want to know if this will work for you?
Download TAPI Call Monitor from and run the app. Try picking up your phone - if your TAPI driver is configured correctly it should show up a call. Next get someone to call you - it should show their phone number. If you get that far, make sure you check back on this page regularly as the next step to get Caller ID popups working will be easy!


Planned release features
  • On incoming phone call, the connector will search through the phone number fields of Dynamics and display the name of the caller (if there is exactly one match)
  • Clicking (somewhere) will open up the contact in a popup from the default web browser
  • There will be a setting for automatically logging the call into Dynamics using the built in call activity

Features for future releases
  • Call log window to display missed and answered calls (recieved while the program was running)
  • Persisting that call log screen between application closes
  • Simple way of adding comments to the call activity in Dynamics about the purpose of the call
  • Option to create a new contact if the phone number doesn't exist
  • Setting for an optional custom field which someone could specify to include on the screen pops, for example some companies may not want to see Job Title but they might want to know the person's managers name or department etc

Feature requests
  • Please get in touch and let me know in the Feature requests discussion if you have feature requests - I'm not exactly sure on what the behaviour of this should be so I welcome feedback.
  • Things this app will never do: Call recording, magical integration with a phone that doesn't support TAPI

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